Instagram Takeover – Andrew Wilchak – fridge

The refrigerator. A staple in the American residence. Provider of nourishment. Portal to escape the summer heat. Subject of Andrew Wilchak‘s Insta-Takeover.

Last week was all about the home for our perishables, the fridge. Andrew Wilchak used his time behind the shutter to take portraits of fridges and their Bushwick owners. The result was fun, zany and oh-so-backlit. Take a look at a couple below and head over to our Instagram page for more.

Up next is Elena Montemurro, a photographer with a Photography BFA from Parsons School of Design who usually shoots with 35 mm film. She’s originally from NY and now lives in Ridgewood, Queens. Elena’s work is often inspired by color, and her concept for the week is, suitably, “Monochrome.” She has already gotten the ball rolling with some vibrant photos (and you folks are already favoriting up a storm!), so stay tuned to our Instagram this week for more!

Wanna be the next photographer to take over our Instagram? Check out our Call for Photographers for more info and apply HERE!

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