Instagram Takeover – photo by Katarina Hyvenova – art by Julia Sinelnikova

We at Bushwick Daily lived and breathed Bushwick Open Studios throughout the weekend (let’s face it, we’d been living and breathing #NoBSBOS prep for weeks before that!) and now it’s over. So what else is there to do? Reflect on all the awesome things we saw, of course! Over the past few days, our photographers teamed up for an Insta-Takeover collaboration, photographing their favorite highlights from BOS, including, but certainly not limited to, art, artists, food, disco balls, dogs, cats, parties – you get the idea. Is your interest piqued? We thought so. You’ll find some treasured moments below, but you’ll want to hit up the full Instagram feed for all the photos!

This week brings a new guest photog to the forefront. Meet Eric Zeender: An “east coast to west coast and back to east coast transplant,” freelance filmmaker/screenwriter, and current Bushwick resident. Inspired by the current seasonal change upon us, Eric will be using his Insta-Takeover to focus on the idea of “beginnings.”  He’ll use each photo to pinpoint the beginning of a story, and hopes his photos encourage us to focus on our beginnings, as well as putting our thoughts and ideas into action as we head into the warmer months. (Is that a trip to the beach I hear calling? I’m planning to put that thought into action this weekend.)

Stay tuned for Eric’s uplifting photos, and scroll down to see some fabulous #NoBSBOS moments… Do you want to be the next photographer to take over our Instagram? Check out our Call for Photographers HERE!  

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