M train’s platform 12/18 after the L train failed us once again (photo by Erin Wicks for Bushwick Daily).

Ooof! This is NOT our week – between the rain-a-thon just a couple of days ago and the L train’s slow daytime service, you would think there would be nowhere left to go but up, right? WRONG! You heard it – the M and J train will be skipping town this weekend and won’t be back until May 26 (for what? I do not know. But I feel like since the weather is *supposed* to be nice this weekend the infamous M & J train duo thinks it is okay to disappear). Please see below if you want to get aggravated:

Noooooo the return of the…shuttle buses! :shudder:

BUT apparently the L is, dare I say it, running full service this weekend/upcoming week (until it decides to change its mind). Remember to check mta.info for any last minute updates and, as always, Happy Riding!