Instagram takeover – Katarina Hybenova Kocses – rainbow street

So what did you think of the behind-the-scenes look at Bushwick Daily? Last week, our Editor-In-Chief Katarina Hybenova launched her own Insta-takeover and showed us the backend of running a hyperlocal blog. From finding calm in backyard meditation to attending workshops for her Tow Knight Center fellowship to frantic biking to eight back-to-back meetings in Bushwick, Katarina proved that she really does it all. (And we’re still not sure how!)

We’re taking the lifestyle theme and running with it; this week is all about the freelancer’s life. Originally from Paris, Axel Dupeux is an editorial portrait photographer who is a frequent contributor to the Wall Street Journal, Billboard, Adweek and Entrepreneur. He moved to NYC in 2005 and has been living in Bushwick ever since. As a freelancer, Axel has a loose schedule and is able to spend time on long walks, photographing portraits of Bushwick residents. (Check out his project on the people of Bushwick here.) Later this week, he’ll be joined by photographer, and Bushwickdarling, Meryl Meisler. We can’t wait to see more of our fellow residents fill our Instagram feed.

Take a look at highlights from Katarina’s behind-the-scenes footage below, and keep an eye out for some wonderful shots from Axel!

Interested in participating in a #BushwickDaily Insta-takeover? Submit a quick application here!

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