For the past few weeks, us Bushwick train-riding folk have been living in some wacky version of Groundhog Day (the movie, not the actual day – that would just be weird) meets some sort of vicious dejavu. Every weekend it has been the same deal – M decides to be realllllly slow and the J decides to not show up. But alas – we can breathe (and ride) easier after this weekend since this is the last installment of “M & J’s Service Change from Hell” saga. And it looks like the L train is trying to get back on our good sides also with its upcoming weekend of no service train (L train, DON’T change your mind and PS I still remember what you did last summer..) :

This weekend:

M trains run approximately every 20 mins, 4AM Sat. through 10PM Sun.

Jamaica Center-bound J trains run express from Marcy Av to Broadway Junction, 3:35AM Sat. through 10PM Sun.

And next week:

Let us hope that this weekend is the last of the M and J woes and that the MTA doesn’t surprise us with a brand new M and J service interruption. As always, check for any last minute changes and Happy Riding!