Instagram Takeover – Gustavo Ponce – dog and owner

Feeling the Monday Blues? Well we’ve got the perfect solution – Bushwick Daily’s Instagram page. Our resident photographer Gustavo Ponce spent the week documenting adorable Bushwick dogs and their owners. Scroll down for a couple of his shots (so cute) and head over to our Instagram account to see the rest.

This week, the takeover continues with guest photographer Pete O’Hare. Pete is a recent Ohio transplant, camera assistant in TV and commercials, and music video and short film creator. Applying his cinematic eye, he’ll be on the lookout for inconspicuous things, or random objects you wouldn’t notice unless someone takes a picture of it. We can’t wait to see what he uncovers in our ‘hood.

Check out a couple of Gustavo’s aww-inducing photos below and, as always, make sure to hit up the full feed for the ones you missed and Pete’s project of discovery.  

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