So here is to warmweather and frustrating mass transit! Happy riding!

Ahh the first day of Spring was yesterday – warmer temperatures, clearer skies and :record scratch: more train interruptions and service changes. I guess we can’t win them all. The only good part is that since the weather has become more ideal (I am totally ignoring next Tuesday’s forecast for pending snow, how is this even possible?) walking part-way home  those nights when the M train just doesn’t decide to show up or the L is taking ages won’t be toooo bad. Check out the laundry list of service changes below:

This weekend you should expect:

J train:

Okay, so all the M and J train-ers, how do they expect for us to get from Point A to Point B? It is about time they invented teleporting.

The M train will be feeling a bit lethargic this weekend apparently:

And for next week be prepared for:

The Lousy L train:

The Mediocre M train: