#BushwickDaily Insta-Takeover: Marianna Kadlecova Explores the ‘Hood and Jeso O’Neill Highlights Bushwick Felines

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Instagram Takeover – bushwick streets – Marianna Kadlecova

Just when you thought Bushwick Daily’s Instagram Takeover was getting too awesome, we throw you a curveball – KITTIES. That’s right, our guest photographer for this week, Jeso O’Neill, is photographing Bushwick’s cutest/craziest/cuddliest cats. By day, Jeso works for Performance Space 122 and Mass Live Arts, Berkshire summer theater festival. By night, she’ll be stalking the cats of Bushwick, where she resides with her cat, Raymour Flanigan. (How much you wanna bet Raymour was her inspiration?)

Be on the lookout for some heartwarming shots and definitely check out photos from our last Instagram Takeover photog, Marianna Kadlecova. She spent the week outdoors (brrrrrr) and grabbed some insanely beautiful shots of Bushwick’s winter streets.

Scroll down to see some highlights from Marianna’s week behind the shutter. And make sure to head over to Bushwick Daily’s Instagram page to see all of her photos, as well as the street cats, deli cats, ALL cats of Bushwick!

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