This week L is for Ludicrous (no, don’t get excited, not Ludacris, although I do love you Luda!) because quite frankly the Bushwick trains can just be so ridiculous and foolish sometimes.

* Before I go into my spiel about the L/M train’s future dramatics, I must let you know that as of 12:10PM today due to NYPD activity, the L train is running with delays in both directions. Now I shall proceed…

During the week of Feb 3-7, Mon through Friday from 11-3PM:

 L trains will only operate between Myrtle-Wyckoff Avs and Rockaway Pkwy every 12 minutes.

The last stop for alternate trains headed toward Rockaway Pkwy is Myrtle-Wyckoff Avs.

So, if you would like to pass Go, take a Canarsie-bound train or transfer at Myrtle-Wyckoff Avs to continue your trip.

Okay so the L’s service change is not too much of a hassle (I guess) but gather around because the M train is (per usual) being a diva.

Firstly, during Feb 3-6 from 9:45PM – 12 Midnight:

There will be no M trains between 47-50 Sts (Rockefeller Center) and 71 Av (Queens).

This means the nighttime M train service during these dates will only operate between Metropolitan Av and 47-50 Sts , and via the F to/from 57 St (“She doesn’t even go here!”)

Oh, and I must remind you of the MTA’s Late Night M Service Change a la the Late Night Subway Service Map (wait, what?). Yes, that is right – there is a Nighttime Service map that uses cryptic symbols and lines to show you when service becomes all wonky and the train lines become shape-shifters.

Abridged version: Starting at midnight the M train will only operate between Myrtle Av and Metropolitan Av (apparently the M train has a curfew).

So bundle yourselves up, bring a good book or make a good “waiting-for-the-train-that-will-never-come” playlist and allow yourself some extra travel time. To keep up with the subway’s fickle nature check out and, as always, Happy Riding!