This week’s  Bushwick Daily Instagram Takeover will feature the fabulous Yaz Rosete behind the camera. Yaz is a Brooklyn-based mix-media artist, focusing on painting, photography and collage. She was born in San Diego and raised in the intertwined US/Mexico border between Southern California and Tijuana. Yaz will be stepping away from her own Instagram account to photograph Winter Bushwickland for Bushwick Daily. She’ll document various winter Bushwick activities – both indoors and out.

While you wait for Yaz’s photos to start coming in, take a moment to review the pics posted by the Takeover’s first guest photographer, Andrew Spear! Andrew, a photographer whose work regularly appears in publications like The Wall Street Journal and The New York Times, spent the week introducing bundled up Bushwick residents to their neighbors via social media. Look for lots of portraits, along with lots of lovely snowy moments.

You can check out some highlights from Andrew’s time behind the shutter below. Want more? Head over to the full feed for all of the photos!

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