Yesterday, Bushwick Daily’s Andres Toro launches his Instagram Takeover! Andres, born and raised in Colombia, moved to Brooklyn in 2007 to study architecture at Pratt Institute. He has lived in Bushwick since 2010 and currently works on the design and construction of the World Trade Center. This week Andres will view Bushwick through its light, spaces and people. Make sure to stay tuned!

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Kat Lees, self-described “Yoga gal, artist, designer, born and raised New Yorker, Bushwickite, electronic music enthusiast, foodie and cafe frequenter with a passion for travel, culture, and people” set out to photograph post-holiday winter bliss as a Bushwick resident for Bushwick Daily’s Instagram Takeover series. Bushwick was pummeled by some strange weather – frigid to balmy temperatures, and precipitation of all kinds. Grey skies, icicles and rain puddles took center stage in the photographs throughout the week, and Kat managed to find the genuine beauty in it all. Make sure to check out her photos on Bushwick’s Instagram page.

And in case you haven’t checked in for a while (we get it – holidays throw everything off!) make sure to check the feed for Ashley Mathus’ Bushwick Daily Instagram takeover. Ashley, a Brooklyn-based performer and writer who is interested in immersive experiences of all kinds, traipsed around Bushwick to photograph old haunts and new findings. If you’re into street art and delicious-looking food, then you’ve gotta see how Ashley rang in the New Year.

The week before that, Erin Wicks’ “Home for the Holidays” themed takeover captured some of the warm-and-fuzziest moments both in Bushwick and in her Ohio hometown – including the infamous Bushwick Daily Birthday Slash Holiday Party!

Scroll down to see some highlights  from our fabulous photographers’ weeks, and don’t forget to peruse the Bushwick Daily Instagram feed for all the impressive pics!