All photos by Bushwick Daily folk.

I think that everyone who came to Bushwick Daily Holiday + 3rd Birthday Party at The Rookery will agree that it was a wild wild occasion. Besides drinking delish eggnog cocktails, beer, listening to DJ Opalrock (who is also a chef at The Rookery), we took a gazillion photos! We had a step & repeat set up, and four of our photographers were on duty making sure that not a single embarrassing moment remains unrecorded for the generations to come! So check out the selection of photos below, and head to our Facebook page to see the complete first batch of photos there! Tag yourself and kindly include an explanation of why the hell you climbed your roommates shoulders… *wink wink*

So this happened….

The Rookery team!

Holy ghost in a festive spirit 🙂

Hmmm, I have no idea what’s going on behind the bar…

DJ Opalrock rocking it!

Hello Hannah Minx, Youtube sensation & a Bushwick resident!

Our sexy writer Asha Chagoyen with her sexy friends!

Artist, curator, gallery owner & a superheroin, Jen Hitching with a friend!

There hot people!

Mixologist & writer & analogue photographer extraordinaire, Dimitri Manousakis!

Patricia Maldonado Hempstead from Loft 594 and me celebrating our same hairstyles with different color!

Oh la la!

Now this would be Logan Seaman and a bunch of hands…


And these sexy people!

Minu and Fiona!

Rafael Fuchs is a Xmas gangster!

Ridgewood Social + Market cuteness in action. Sarah Feldman & Neil Meyers.

Yay, it’s the cute Holiday elf aka our news editor, Emilie Ruscoe!

Almost full editorial board (only Allison is missing). From left to right: Katarina, Maria, Emilie and Wesley!

Ooops, the fireplace got a little smoky…


Wesley and Tom, cuteness overload 🙂

This dude had enough of eggnog 🙂

Our fantastic illustrator, Jeremy Nguyen and Yuriy Layvand.

Are you wondering who takes those amazing photos for Bushwick Mixer? Well, that would be Gustavo Ponce, the dude between our music editor, Maria Gotay and our star music writer Lauren diBlasi.

Here is a secret! Fantastic artist Julia Sinelnikova went all cosmic on her hair!

Our love & sex advice columnist, Dr. Lisa is sexy!




Happy Holidays, Bushwick and thank you for coming!!