What is more creepy, nerve-wracking and suspenseful than Halloween ghosts, ghouls and goblins? That’s right, the L train!

Many weeks ago, when we first heard word of the L train becoming a bit wonky, I don’t think any of us expected our subway woes to continue for this long. Sadly, this week is no different and I come to you bearing bad news (AGAIN) regarding the L train’s ridiculous service. The L train better clean up its act soon because there are only so many negative L words in existence! (Just kidding, I have a bunch more up my sleeve).

Here are the details of why/how the L train is going to be on your nerves this week:

Weeknights from 10/28 to 11/1 the L train will be operating in two sections:

Between 8th Ave and Lorimer Street

Between Myrtle Avenue and Rockaway Parkway.

Then from weeknights of 11/4 to 11/8:

L operates every 24 minutes (Noooo! At this rate it’d probably be faster to just walk.)


By this time I hope everyone has figured out ways to cope with the absence of the L (the B60 has become my BFF). As usual go to mta.info for any last minute updates.

Happy riding and Happy Halloween!