Levy_Lisa_BD_The Thoughts in My Head Mirror Installation

I took a sabbatical to catch up on some art and performance projects I had deadlines on, and I am so happy and relieved to be back — I missed this column so much, I almost had to go back to therapy!

So please send me your issues to help find solutions or personal discoveries to share and help others. Please send your e-mails to lisa.levy0511ATgmail.com. All e-mails will get a response and the most interesting ones will be posted. And if you DON’T want your e-mail posted on this site, let me know; we’ll keep it completely confidential.

So you, a smart person, will likely ask, “Why do I think I can help you?” My response: I’m glad you are challenging me! I have performed psychotherapy as a self-proclaimed psychotherapist on stage and in my private office for over 10 years now. I have a lot of experience and a good knack for getting to the heart of any issues without judgment. You’ll see, I’ve done this before and with Joe Gordon-Levitt!

Dr. Lisa analyzing Joe Gordon-Levitt 2003

I also have a lot of life experience – I’ve dated A LOT and now I’m married. Plus I’ve had a career as an advertising art director and now I’m a full-time artist. I have lived starvation, rejection, success and failure. Plus more failure.

But I have made this column and a lot of other shit in my life work out, so send me your questions – life is easier/better if we work together.

All My Love,

Dr. Lisa