video by Sean Alday for Bushwick Daily

It has been proven once again that it is TOTALLY worth it to become a member of Mellow Pages library! On Thursday afternoon, the co-owners of the library, Jacob Perkins and Matt Nelson, sent out the most unexpected email.

Kanye West was going to show up on Sunday at 8PM sharp to shoot a video in their tiny space with books on the walls.  Jacob’s email said:

Okay so here’s the deal, and don’t tell us it doesn’t make sense, because we know, it doesn’t make any sense.


Kanye’s PR director contacted us this morning, asking if they could shoot some footage in Mellow Pages on Sunday. (WHAT THE FUCKKKKKKKKKKKKKKK!!!!!) They told us everything is very hush hush, security for Yeezus, but they want the place packed. It’s really weird. Apparently they’re going lo-fi, like hand helds and shit, and they’re going to contact us (?) around 8:30 to see if we’re ready. I think the PR person even said something about a “Kanye blitzkrieg”.

Instead of just going through our normal, public assault of social media, we want to offer this only to our members, our friends, because it doesn’t take much to pack this place and because we like you. So, if you want to be in (and keep this quiet, please)-


*We don’t know what song it’s for. Don’t ask us.

*Apparently, they picked us half for our lighting, so they’re going to start shooting at sunset. That means for you BE HERE AT 8. Everything is going to happen real fast, so don’t be tardy. The sun is supposed to set at 8:31PM.

*Don’t dress up or anything stupid, they want a slice of normal Mellow Pages Life. You are already awesome.

*That also means: BRING SOME BEER.

*We’ve been told that no signatures are to be given away, sorry. BUT, and this another weird part, they WANT you to be social media-izing. Bring your iPhones. Bring your tweeters. Bring disposable cameras. You won’t want to forget this night.




see you sunday.

stars out.


All photos by Katarina Hybenova for Bushwick Daily

As far as I know, the Mellow Pages members were really disciplined about leaking this information. I myself had to bite my fingers several times not to tweet prematurely about it or something. I suspected that it was a smart joke from the Mellow Pages guys, but then Kanye shot a video in Bushwick’s Brooklyn Fire Proof two weeks ago, which made this whole thing a little bit more believable. So about 50 other people showed up at the tiny library on Sunday, and we waited. It was a lot of fun in the meantime. Gals and guys showed up all dressed up – you know, really Kanye-worthy. Cat told me that her boyfriend expressed worries that Kanye would try to have sex with her. (And honestly, I wouldn’t be surprised, she looked pretty hot.)

Pretty ladies. Just for Kanye.

It got really humid and hot as we waited but we didn’t lose faith. “We’re sweaty but hopeful!” somebody said.

At about 8:40PM, Jacob got another mysterious email from Kanye’s PR folks. They wanted us to shoot a video for him and hashtag it #mellowyeezus. So anyone who wasn’t already buzzing on social media got started. We weren’t really sure what exactly was expected of us, but we hashtagged accordingly. Check out the #mellowyeezus Twitter feed to learn more about our turbulent emotions.

After 9PM, the sun was down and it became clear that Kanye was a no-show. We were a little disappointed, sweaty, and kinda tipsy at that point, but we were also happy that we all got to hang out with each other. I personally have been trying to introduce Laure and Katja, and it somehow wasn’t happening. And I haven’t seen Fireside Follies’ Eric or Mike for at least a year. We needed Kanye to (not) show up in order to make it happen.

PS: At least we made it to Buzzfeed.

Mike Lala has a good tattoo.