Roberta’s Announces the Date of Bushwick Block Party Despite the Neighborhood’s Spite

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bushwick block party

Sorry, Roberta’s. We tried to find some reasonable explanation for your unpaid farming internships but the overwhelming majority of our readers voted in our yesterday’s poll that you deserve the angry “Fuck you” from the flyer. Anyhow, maybe to befriend the public again, to make us forget, or simply to make use of the recent hype (any press is a good press, right?), Roberta’s announced the date of this year’s block party on their Tumblr. The Bushwick Block Party is going down on July 27th, 2013. So look forward to the enormous lines, maybe some free pizza and people from the city who have heard of Roberta’s and decided to come to Bushwick for a day, per usual. We’ll keep you posted about the details once it gets closer.


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