Bushwick Daily Won an Ippies Journalism Award for the 3rd Best Photograph

Lady with a Broken Leg. The winning photograph by Katarina Hybenova

We are over the moon here at Bushwick Daily because last night we won a third place Ippies Journalism Award for the best photograph!

The Ippies Journalism Awards is a wonderful effort of Center for Community and Ethnic Media, which is an initiative of CUNY Graduate School of Journalism. In its 11th year, the Ippies were awarded in several categories (best investigative/in-depth story, best editorial, best design, etc). Bushwick Daily was considered for an award for the first time this year among 50+ community and ethnic publications, and won third place for Best Photograph.

Katarina Hybenova, editor of Bushwick Daily, and a winning photographer with Jacqueline Adams, mistress of the ceremony.

The winning photograph, “Lady with the Broken Leg,” was originally published as part of a photo essay we published in July 2012, 10 Portraits of People Encountered on the Street. I am personally very happy that the judges liked “Lady with the Broken Leg” so much because the photograph encapsulates everything what we’re about at Bushwick Daily: joy of everyday life, sense of belonging and community, and a belief that, despite not everything being perfect, we can live a good life here in Bushwick, Brooklyn.

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