Nah… XPO929 is closed for good. (photo by Emilie Ruscoe)

As reported last week, DIY venue XPO 929 (on Broadway) closed at the end of February after three turbulent years of shows, parties and legal battles. Co-founder Jonny Aquadora tells Bushwick Daily the landlord “pulled the plug” on the space shortly after it was approved for a long-awaited liquor license, and that they are not currently planning to relocate the enterprise. “There were so many unforgettable magic moments that happened at XPO 929,” says Aquadora. “I hope that the community can learn from our tenacity and our mistakes and continue to create space for musical magic to thrive in Bushwick.” For more background on XPO, check out Bullet Media’s history of the place from last summer. No word yet about what might take XPO’s place; let’s hope it’s not a TD Bank!