Angely Mercado

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New pop artist Motteo recently released a music video all about Bushwick Boys. 

The flirty song and the music video are a celebration of all things queer Brooklyn. A press release highlights vision behind the song and music video:  

“Bushwick Boys captures the queer underground of New York City in its most raw and unfiltered state. Through a VCR lens, Motteo and his cast of racy Brooklynites seduce the viewer to both consume and become The Bushwick Boy… As the song progresses, he takes you deeper into his sexy and rebellious Bushwick esthétique: duct taped nipples, tongue wrestling, and glitter-splattered bodies.”

Bushwick Boys is Motteo’s first entirely self-produced music video. 

This song is Motteo’s first single, he describes it as a “sarcastic proclamation of my own self worth as a young, queer creative in this big city.”

Cover photo courtesy of Motteo Music

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