Remember that horrible movie August Rush with a magical guitar-genius orphan whose Kaki King style playing and talent comes from his passionate musician parents who had a one-night stand? Well, it’s about music, and it’s about August or something like that and it’s the exact opposite of how your weekend will go if you head to some of these top shows! Ring in your August with some sweet DJs, rad bands and a couple great shows even outside of the Bushwick/Williamsburg zip codes!

#10 Future Punx, Roses, Darlings, The Beds @ Death By Audio (FRI 8PM, $10)

Enjoy this pleasant weather and the beginning of August with the post-punk melodies of LA’s Roses’ (Mem. Abe Vigoda) soothing summer-y synths and echo-y vocals. Jangly indie-rockers, Darlings, will also be playing their moody, pop-inspired tunes.

#9 Brooklyn Arts Council’s BRINGING ART TO LIFE @ Hope Park (THURS 1PM, FREE RSVP) + Granite Street Garden (SAT 4PM, FREE RSVP)

The Brooklyn Arts Council is hosting two really fantastic events Thursday and Sunday called Bringing Art to Life. On Sunday, check out this Friends of Biko Outdoors event. Friends of Biko are a performing arts education group and will be featuring music, poetry, story-telling and spoken word at Granite Street Park. Thursday, enjoy a Park Jam for Peace with DJs, hip hop artists, community art projects and more! What better way to celebrate the month of August in Bushwick. Check out the calendar here, and click on the events to RSVP!

#8 Sick Magic: Paul Johnson, Egyptrixx, Sinden, Doctor Sheep, Black Sheep, Rezzie @ The Wick (SAT 11PM, $15)

Ok, so it’s not a “show” per say, but it’s definitely a party, with alternating DJ’s who will be spinning sick sounds all night long. It costs some moneys, music will be coming through speakers, and there will be dancing and probably a lot of booty shaking. If this is how you feel like celebrating August, get your booty shorts on and go to town at The Wick on 260 Meserole!

#7 The Box Tiger, Mount Sharp, Chaos Chaos, Flying Pace @ Union Hall (FRI 7:30PM, $8 adv/ $10 door)

It is hard to venture out to the Park Slope area, but sometimes it’s totally worth it, and this is one of those times. Brooklyn’s own Mt. Sharp recently debuted their video for “Icarus” on Impose Mag in promotion of their upcoming record Weird Fear. They will be playing their lo-fi, distortion-filled rock tunes with chilling solos and exposed vocals this Friday night. In addition, Toronto’s The Box Tiger are headlining with their blistering guitar parts and beautifully vulnerable melodies.

#6 The Rally, Crazy Pills, Valved Voice, Wild Bore, Sunset Guns @ Radio Bushwick (FRI 8PM, $8)

According to their facebook photos, The Rally consists of a lot of hair and crazy patterned shirts and sweaters. To celebrate the beginning of August, go find out what prints they will be wearing and whether they are rocking shirts or sweaters as they play their psych-influenced, rock with bellowing vocals and clanging drums. Don’t miss the shoegaze-y, experimental tones of Valved Voice and the awesome sounds of Crazy Pills!

 #5 David Dondero, Small Cats, Justice of the Unicorn, Max Low @ The Grand Victory (SAT 7PM, $11)

Named one of the best living songwriters by NPR in 2006, David Dondero (Sunbrain) will be bringing his introspective, folk-rock tunes to the Grand Victory. With shaky, emotional vocals and brilliantly spinning lyrics, Conor Oberst gives Dondero credit for his entire sound. Check him out with Small Cats this Saturday night!

#4  Video Daughters, Heavy Birds, Bodega Bay, Veda Rays, ONWE, Special Guests @ Radio Bushwick (Thurs 7PM, $7)


ONWE has been everywhere in the month of July and though Thursday is the 31st, it can be assumed that they will be playing all over the place throughout the month of August as well. Check out what they themselves call “slackgaze, trustfund, Bushwickwave,” which if you live here, you can hopefully laugh at and enjoy the mellow sounds and hilarious lyrics. Also playing is Heavy Birds, with their drone-y, lush psych/folk-rock.

#3 Raccoon Fighter, Gunfight!, Jason Anderson @ Mercury Lounge (FRI 7:30PM, $10)

Just enjoy this show poster before realizing that the show is in Manhattan and completely deciding against it. Let the fact that August is full of last ditch efforts to enjoy summer and even though you think it’s over, there’s so much more in store inspire you to take the train and go to Manhattan. Come out to see Raccoon Fighter and Gunfight! –EVEN if it’s at Mercury Lounge. Check out the debut of Jason Anderson‘s new band as well!

#2 Eula, Pile, Big Ups, Courtship Ritual @ Palisades (Thurs 8pm, $7)

What a fun, show to ring in August with; EULA is releasing their new 7″ Orderly, via Bloodmoss Records. They will blow you away with their start-and-stop, fuzzy, instrumentals and wailing female vocals. Big Ups will be playing their spitting punk rock with banging drums and spastic vocals. It’s definitely going to be a badass show!

#1 Grand Resort, Roses, Chimes, Bueno @ The Silent Barn (SUN 8PM, $8)

On Sunday, make sure your first weekend in August is complete with the wispy, dream-pop sounds of Grand Resort. Let their blistering guitar and gentle vocals wash over you, much like this month will, hopefully with less humidity and continued awesomeness. The appropriately named, Chimes from New Jersey, will be playing their resonant, melodic post-punk with wandering bass-lines and echoed vocals. It’s almost August, get with the fun, and the summer and try to avoid meeting another musician at one of these shows and accidentally producing the next musical child prodigy, unless of course that’s your intention. Have fun!