Ladies and gents of Bushwick, it’s all happening. This week’s shows feature some of the BEST concerts we have seen since summertime, and that is no joke. Not only do we have house parties and new venues, but also multiple free shows and a whole bunch of new bands rolling through are really, really good (Spoiler alert: Scully, Sunflower Bean, Color War, Doomsquad, Honey Wild, The Foreign Report and MORE) . Do yo’self a favor and make it happen this weekend– catch a show!

#10 Brooklyn/ Rochester United! This Saturday @ Goodbye Blue Monday (SAT 8PM, $FREE)

Bogs, Photo by Jon Gary.

This free show, full of good Rochester vibes,  has a nice bill, with psych-acoustic band Hieronymus Bogs headlining with openers Everything Forever, featuring Amos Rose, who plays live at french bistro Mominette every Tuesday.

#9 The Foreign Resort, IOLA, Ice Cream Cathedral, Adult Dude @ RADIO BUSHWICK (FRI 9PM, $7)

This evening will be very Scandinavian, featuring 2 bands from Denmark! The highlight for us is The Foreign Report, who blend New Wave influences with crispy oceanic guitar and moody vocals.

#8 Heavy Birds, Sport Fishing USA, Sunset Guns, Rug Kids @ Pet Rescue (SAt 8PM, $5)

From Bitchin’ Booking comes this fun bill at a venue we’ve never heard of called Pet Rescue (it’s at 346 Morgan Ave). The show is a cassette release for punk, rock, and pop band Sunset Guns, who put on a fun live set according to the this live vid.

#7 Vensaire, Hippy, Honey Wild @ Where the Sidewalk Ends (FRI 8PM, $5)

Where the Sidewalk Ends…  Another obscure venue located at 338 Moffat St appears to be a house show to us! We hope it’s a big apartment, because Vensaire, Hippy, and Honey Wild are three great bands on the verge of blowing up.

#6 Japanther, Tiny Moving Parts, Tournament, Radical Discharge @ Saint Vitus (SUN 9PM, $10)

Saint Vitus in Greenpoint may be a bit of a trek on a Sunday eve, but to see Japanther for $10 it’s totally worth it.

#5 Las Rosas & Scully @ Mary Meyer Clothing (THURS 6PM-bands at 9PM, $FREE)

Hell yeah, I want a road beer! One of our fave bands Las Rosas is doing a free show tonight at Mary Meyer Clothing with $1 beers as a kickoff to their SXSW tour.


WHAT. A. TREAT. Guardian Alien, whom we gushed about, return to the stage at Trans-Pecos for another highly anticipated performance. This time, with Japanese 10-piece “brutal orchestra” Vampillia! Sounds like a wild night of music.

#3 Cults, Empress Of @ Music Hall of Williamsburg (THU 8PM, $FREE with RSVP)

This is a splendid-looking free show, with one of the best artists we saw come out of 2013, Empress Of. The only downside is it’s already sold out. Who knows, you might be able to stand outside and work it out.

#2 Sunflower Bean, The Wives, Scully @ 180 Scholes (SAT 8PM, $5)

This is a Burger Records house party. It’s part of their grand plan to have world burg domination, in fact, this Saturday is the “Burger Revolution” and the day the “burger will be heard round the world” with shows literally across the globe. China, Spain, Greece, New Zealand, tens of shows in the USA and of course in Brooklyn. It will be a lot of sweaty rock’n’roll fun.

#1 Color War, Doom Squad, Deanna Viva Garcia, Prince Rama (DJ Set) @ Baby’s All Right (FRI 9PM, $10)

It’s not something I say very often, or should say at all, but this show has gotten my panties in wad. I mean, Doomsquad, with their electronic drone sound infused with a “worldly and cosmological presence” will have your skin tingling. Paired with the super sexy Color War, whose otherwordly sound The Deli describes as “Dream pop met 80’s electronic revival.” Plus a DJ set from Prince Rama?! Go girls, go!

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