John Barclay, Mike Sherburn, Greem Jelly Fish, Angela Chambers

This week’s Listening Party features Bushwick’s finest, DUST who are performing next Thursday at Bossa Nova Civic Club. Listening Party is a curated weekly column promoting music discovery and encouraging concert-going. Featuring someone we’ve been jamming out to and we recommend to the masses, each Listening Party artist has an upcoming show at a local NYC venue. Grab your headphones and read on.

Who: Dust, John Barclay, Mike Sherburn, Greem Jelly, Angela Chambers

They Say: “House Music, Techno”

We Say: “Techno’s nice little brother Danze Music”

From: Bushwick, Brooklyn


Recent Work: Album Onset of Decimation by Mannequin Records (Germany), July 2013

Upcoming Show: Next Thursday February 13th at Bossa Nova Civic Club

No one listens to Techno.”  If only Eminem thought about the future of music. Dust is comprised of Bushwick legends, John Barclay (co-owner of Bossa Nova Civic Club) and Mike Sherburn.  They are not wasting the pretty by also bringing in Greem JellyFish (DJ Black Poodle for those in the know), and model/performer, Angela Chambers. Both ladies bring a visceral, sexed up, supreme sound rumbling over Barclay and Sherburn’s intense synth, betas, and sparkly dark energy. They released “Onset of Decimation” on highly niched Mannequin Records out of Berlin last summer, and a 3-song EP Past Future on Bushwick label Low Life Inc before that. Tracks range from Detroit via Berlin Techno to Italian Disco vibe due to Sherburn’s love of the vintage machines like a 909. All veterans of the early 2010 Bushwick music revival, they have also teamed up with Sister Jam to have an EP series called “Bushwick is Melting.” Grab their album, and then run to Bossa Nova Civic Club next Thursday February 13th at Bossa Nova Civic Club. This is a rare treat when a live show is ten times better than their album. The dress code of “Come as you are” is strictly enforced.