This week’s Friday First features local BK band Slonk Donkerson, who just came out with a new video this week, “Watching Every Channel at Once.” Friday First is a weekly column premiering brand spanking new releases from local and national bands.

“Watching Every Channel at Once” mimics the energy of the band’s goofy name, while using nostalgic late night TV and ’80s hair metal cheesiness. Slonk’s influences come from ’80s alternative bands like The Replacements, Hüsker Dü and Wipers. The video is simply awesome. The post-punk, power pop band is releasing their new music via cassette through Last Place Tapes, a local Bushwick label, which you can buy here. You can also download the EP off of their bandcamp.

Check out their video and head to their release show at Muchmore’s tonight!