This week’s Listening Party focuses on SWF. Listening Party is a curated weekly column promoting music discovery and encouraging concert-going. Featuring someone we’ve been jamming out to and we recommend to the masses, each Listening Party artist has an upcoming show at a local NYC venue. Grab your headphones and read on.

WHO:  Artist, musician, and self-described mystic, Stevie Weinstein-Foner

THEY SAY:  “We’re here to fuck up your unhappiness.”

WE SAY:  Rooted, uplifting folk rock with lo-fi, garage, and country influences

FROM: Brooklyn, NY


LABELS: Mecca Lecca Recording Co.

Recent Work:  October’s Let It Be Told

Upcoming Show:  Next Wednesday (11/13) at Shea Stadium

SWF (which stands not for the file format but for the name of the artist, Stevie Weinstein-Foner) writes and performs the kind of music that treats a soul well. Feel good choruses, lo-fi guitar melodies, soulful lyrics, and a reflective disposition define his very recent album as a stand out in the Brooklyn scene. Nowhere in sight are pessimistic songs about cigarettes and one night stands, replaced with the introspective lyrics of SFW, about chasing adventures and discovering the goodness in others. His story lends a lot of authenticity to his debut album; Stevie travelled the world and returned, enlightened and full to the brim with experience, to the practice of yoga and the habit of writing music. You can hear the both energy and the calm in his songs, the album in total balanced with tunes of fulfillment and those of longing and remembrance.  The 9-song LP, Let It Be Told, is quite simply, a great listen. And we’re betting his live performance is going to be just as inspiring.