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CMJ is next week, Columbus Day  is on Monday (F*CK YES!!),  and for all of your pretty faces staying in Bushwick during this sweet three-day weekend, here’s a list of shows you all should go to!

#5 Palma Violets, Spires, Young Boys and Simon Raymonde @ Glasslands (Thursday 8:30PM) $12

Legendary Simon Raymonde, the bassist from Cocteau Twins will be playing tonight at Glasslands. Also performing is psychedelic rocker Spires who we <3,  UK’s garage rock band Palma Violets, and Brooklyn’s post punk Young Boys.


#4 CBGB Festival @ multiple venues (Oct 10-13)

I couldn’t pick one show from this festival honoring NYC’s legendary music venue, CBGB. Artists performing this festival include Grizzly Bear, James Murphy, My Morning Jacket, Arto Lindsay, Celestial Shore, Air Waves, Belle Mare, Ice T, Honduras, and the list goes on. Try to check out this fest this weekend through next weekend.



CBGB bowery OMFUG rock punk

#3 Ski Lodge, Swimming, Napoleon, Truthers @ Shea Stadium (SAT 8PM) $8

If the Smiths and Vampire Weekend were to have a lovechild Ski Lodge would come out of that musical womb. The lead singer from Ski Lodge sounds a bit like Morissey and even has what I call the “Morrissey Howl”.  They are playing with fellow brooklyn-ites  Napoleon, Swimming, and Truthers.

#2 Hunters, Total Slacker, Skimasks, Sleepies @ Death By Audio (SAT 8PM) $10

Brooklyn’s Trash Punk rockers (so loved in this week’s Listening Party), Hunters just released a new full length album which is as rad as their earlier stuff.  They’re performing this tomorrow with Total Slacker, Skimasks, and Sleepies.

Hunter via Facebook

#1 Grizzly Bear, My Morning Jacket, Divine Fits, Wallflowers, Lisa Loeb, and James Murphy @ Times Square (SAT 10AM-7PM ) Free

So, I told you earlier that it’s impossible to pick just one show from the CBGB Fest schedule, but if I had to, I would pick this show. It’s in that cesspool Times Square but Grizzly Bear, My Morning Jacket, Divine Fits, The Wallflowers (remember them!?), Lisa Loeb (remember her?!), and James Murphy from LCD Soundsystem are all playing for free. Might be worth the trek this weekend.

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