Once in a while, we get tired of the Bushwick grind: sick of the boozy bbqs, the hum of upbeat music, and the happy people-they’re the worst. JUST KIDDING! But, the lack of green can get to you after a while. That’s why we like to feature Escapes- noteworthy events going on outside of the city (yes, these exist). We’re encouraging everyone to enter to go to The Wild Honey Pie & Consequence of Sound’s Summer Camp on August 10th. What’s in it for you? An intimate setting for listening to and partying with a superb group of Brooklyn musicians including Widowspeak, Caveman, Yellow Ostrich, Pearl & The Band, Vensaire and more! The silver lining: a warm and fuzzy summer camp backdrop one hour north of the city with trees galore, plus free¬†food/beer/pool party/BBQ/bonfire/all that good stuff. What’s there to lose??? Today’s the last day to enter to win an exclusive spot to the party, so RSVP here immediately. ¬†Listen to playlist below for an idea of what awesome jams to expect.