The Hollows Celebrated Their New Live Album, “Neverending Show”

The Hallows album “Neverending Story” out NOW – courtesy of The Hallows Bandcamp site

Hot off a highly successful tour snaking them from BK to SXSW and back, Brooklyn Bowl hosted the album release party of the talented band of Brooklyn boys, The Hollows, on Tuesday, April 23rd. This show proved to be a celebration of not just their new live LP, “The Neverending Show,” but also a very long prosperous career ahead of them. Much like other great folk rock and bluegrass appealing bands, like Mumford and Sons and The Lumineers.

The Hollows are also celebrating meeting their pledge goal of $10,000.00 so that they can deliver this high energy performance of a tour and get their music out as soon as possible.

At Brooklyn Bowl show, the band was rotating a total of six instruments from Banjo, Mandolin, and Harmonicas. The band’s stage presence and performance was that of a full stage musical at times. The large mixed crowd of friends, family, devout fans and a star sighting of a much rocking George Wendt (aka Norm from Cheers) made you forget it was Williamsburg. Bluegrass meets urban vibes, cultivating a “Blues Swag Funk.” The funk was provided by their cover of Bone Thugs n’ Harmony’s “Tha Crossroads.”

The live dynamics and stage playfulness bring a performance worthy of tiny stages, and also large-scale venues, which I know they get to prove me right.

The album “Neverending Show” was recorded live at various venues in Brooklyn, including Brooklyn Bowl which for this type of music is just what is needed to really capture the live the relationship between them as musicians and a tight knit group of Good Ol’ Boys.

The Hallows gave a special surprise cover of Bone Thugs n Harmony “Tha Crossroads” – courtesy of The Hallows Facebook Page
Indie, Blue Grass, Folk Rock, Funk – picture courtesy of
The Hollows not killing it, but actually giving life sustaining jams – picture courtesy of

In the spirit of borough DIY pride, all musicians provide a key element strength to keep them on track and in control of their music. Most studied theatre, acting, production; and are active in social media to stay close to their growing fan base.

Strings maestro Rob Morrison performing the cover “Tha Crossroads” from Bone Thugs N Harmony – picture courtesy of

In the city that is heavy electronica and Indie, The Hollows are fresh breath of true musician spirit, and need to be on your list of bands to watch.

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