It’s getting to that time of the year where great shows are happening every day of the week. Is there some way for us to clone ourselves so that we can attend (almost) every single show?! Unfortunately we do not live in that cheesy ‘90s movie Multiplicity, where Michael Keaton’s character clones himself in order to manage his hectic life. That was probably the worst reference to make but, hey, I think The 6th Day and The Island are a little dark. Or MAYBE, we could live in Groundhog Day, except instead of repeating every day, we could choose the days, and the events that occur in them so that it would be possible to go to every show! Anyways, eventually we were able to narrow it down to the 10 shows you should check out this weekend! The weekend starts today and isn’t over till Sunday, so you have three days to enjoy these great shows…

10. Sweat Lodge, Byron Westbrook, Che Chen of True Primes, Matteah Baim, Meg Rorison @ Silent Barn (Sunday, 8PM, $?)

Some of the words and phrases listed to describe these bands include, but are not limited to: dreamy underworld, celestial, philosophize and anthropomorphize, sculpted dissonance, texture and parallax. You can almost visualize how floaty this night is gonna be.




1.21 Gigawatts and The Swank Palace team up once again to put on another great show at that pizza joint! For those of you who haven’t been there, it’s not really a pizza restaurant, it’s this fancy Italian restaurant where everything shuts down and gets turned into a venue – a weird concept, but it’s been working so far! The bill is small, but the bands are amazing. Dead Sexy Sheila, Brooklyn’s psychedelic, junk band just released their album, Dead Bat Flies, which you can check out on their bandcamp! Grab some dinner and stay for the show!


8. DOM, CALIFORNIA X, MOSS OF AURA, SPIRES @ Death By Audio (Friday, 8PM, $8)

Head to DBA for some genuine psychedelic pop from Spires to Dom’s new lineup and innovative pop sound. California X of Amherst, MA will be playing a fun, anthem-rock set and Moss of Aura (of Future Islands) are also on the bill!

7. Dan Deacon (DJ set), Friends (DJ Set) @ 285 Kent (Saturday, $8)

You know you want to get down if you find yourself choosing this show as your Saturday night event. Dan Deacon, electronic music pioneer, is DJing, so things are going to get wild. One of our neighborhood faves, Friends, will also be joining on the spin-boards.



6. TONY HAWK PRO SKATER REALIZED w/ Turnip King / Grand Resort / Sun Club / the Doozies / Girl Toy @ Big Snow Buffalo Lodge (Friday, 8PM, $7)

Sun Club drove from Annapolis, MD to New York to challenge DIY booker and promoter, Jordan Michael at Tony Hawk Pro Skater. They won and their prize is a show! See them play with Turnip King, Grand Resort, The Doozies and Girl Toy! It’s gonna be an awesome show!


5. Stea Shadium Presents: Weekend, Slander, Napoleon & Lodro ||| DJ Jenny Eliscu @ Shea Stadium (Friday, 8PM, $8)

Weekend is coming to Shea, this Friday! Come check out the California post-punk, shoegaze band, Weekend along with Slander, Napoleon, and Lodro (who we totally crushed on). Napoleon just released their new single, “Moonlight,” which you can check out HERE!

4.  What Cheer? Brigade // Guignol // Veveritse + more @ LIVING BREAD DELI (Friday, 8PM, $10)

What Cheer?, you ask? Cheer up with this 15-piece brass brigade from Providence at an intimate deli show. This show comes the same weekend they will be performing at the MET with Dan Deacon. That’s some serious music cred. Plus, they’re playing with a slew of other unique and interesting bands with sounds from all over the place. FUN!


3. Hard Plastic Buttons @ Goodbye Blue Monday (Saturday, 8PM, FREE)

Post-Folk, psych band, whatever you want to call ’em- Hard Plastic Bottons returns to Goodbye Blue Monday for a FREE show. Five other bands are playing too- Shilpa Shah, Mallory Kinney, Ray Mazza and the Gutter Bandits, Hunter & Wolfe, and ON. HPB will also have free copies of their new EP, Lost in Sleep. Oh and did I mention that it’s ALL AGES? So, this is kinda the place to be if you’re broke…or if you’re under 21. Shout out to our underage readership!


2. SXSW Van Band Cum Back Show @ Haybaby Cat Farm (Saturday, 9PM, FREE)

Make your way to the Haybaby Cat Farm (which is located at 184 Irving Ave. #1 – we’re guessing this is a house party with two cats and a lot of kitty accessories) to see some of the best Brooklyn bands that made their way to SXSW this year! The line up includes Haybaby, Hippy, Sharkmuffin and Lunchbox. Heck of a year. Let these bands show you how hard they rocked Austin (and maybe remind them how hard WE rocked in Austin)!


1. AmmoCake Presents Metropolis @Brooklyn Fire Proof (Sunday, 7PM, $10)

Wrap up your weekend with live music AND a great film. AmmoCake will be performing the soundtrack to the classic silent, sci-fi film, Metropolis. The event page instructs you to bring pillows and blankets, so you know this will be a relaxing evening! Perfect way to end your weekend.

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