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Recently, Bushwick Daily published a wonderful, comprehensive guide to working out in Bushwick, but if you’re like me and going to the gym sounds about as fun as having a root canal, then you need a little extra incentive to “exercise.” Since summer season is quickly upon us and you gotta get that body ready, we’ve compiled a list of nine fun fitness classes that will make you forget you’re actually getting in shape.

Metal Yoga @ Cobra Club (WED 6:30-7:45pm, SUN3:00-4:15pm, $13)

6 Wyckoff Ave, Bushwick

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Cobra Club has got the weird/fun fitness class market covered (see below). Metal yoga was one of Cobra’s first fitness classes and therefore deserves the top spot on this list. Practice your downward dog while listening to German death metal (instructor Saskia Thode hails from Hamburg). No ohms and Sanskrit chants here – just “a Swede screaming profanities into his microphone.” Now exhale, aaaaahhh.

Blitzkrieg Bod @ Cobra Club (FRI 7- 8pm, $16)

6 Wyckoff Ave, Bushwick

Aerobics + punk rock = Blitzkrieg Bod. Haley Degroat, a singer in a punk band by night, hosts this class at the Cobra Club where the music is loud and the workout is REAL. Come if you’re in a mood to sweat it out, then sip a beer with your classmates after – the $16 session includes free booze.

Beginner Salsa @ Nieves Latin Dance Studio (Classes begin May 6, WED 8-10pm $55)

670 Grand St., East Williamsburg

While this class requires a bit more commitment – you can only pay by month, no single classes – it’s worth the $55 to learn how to salsa. The class meets once a week for two hours and will make you a Latin Salsa King/Queen in no time! (Don’t quote me on that.)

Hip Hop @ La Luz NYC (WED 4/29 7pm, $10)

135 Thames St., East Williamsburg

Attention, B-Boys and B-Girls: La Luz NYC will teach you how to pop, lock, and drop it at their weekly hip hop classes. Instructors from around the world host the sessions, which can be drop-in. But if you’re serious about learning how to pop (who isn’t?) then you can join the 6-8 week workshop in May, with a choreographed showcase in June. La Luz has about seven different rotating classes, so even if hip hop’s not your thing, you’re sure to find something to your taste.

Insanity @ Green Fitness Studio (Dates vary. $15 for a day pass)

232 Varet St., East Williamsburg

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The name alone sparks curiosity. Turns out, Insanity is as insane as its moniker – you will pushed to the limit during this hour-long class at Green Fitness Studio. But that’s just fine – if anything, we need to be yelled at once in a while. How else are you gonna get that summer body ready? But in case you’re not a semi-masochist, then try another class like Carrib-Fusion dance, boxing, or Warrior Flow Yoga.

Club Dancing @ Ridgewood YMCA (Dates vary)

69-02 64th St., Ridgewood

Ridgewood YMCA

Free tip: The Y in Ridgewood has some seriously cool fitness classes. Martial arts, Zumba, Karate, a gazillion types of yoga… but what caught my eye was the club dancing. I mean, don’t we all wish we could dance better in a club? This class recreates a club vibe in fitness class form. And while a YMCA membership is necessary, you can get a free guest pass by filling out a form on their website.

Circus To The People @ Urban Circus NYC (Dates Vary)

345 Eldert St., Bushwick

Urban Circus NYC

While you many never be as good as Pink, Urban Circus NYC will show you the ropes (pun intended) of Silks, Trapeze, Rope, and Lyra. If you fancy yourself a future Cirque de Soleil performer, there are several beginner and intro classes that start around $30 per class. There is also a donation-based intro class, Circus To The People, where you’ll learn the basics. For a more acrophobia-friendly workout, you can also check out aerial yoga at The Loom.

New Style Hustle @ Brooklyn Zoo (Dates Vary. $20)

230 Bogart St., East Williamsburg

Brooklyn Zoo

Quick history lesson: The Hustle was a partner dance in the ’70s popularized by the Van McCoy song, “The Hustle.” Learn retro moves like the ‘eggbeater’ while donning your best pair of flared pants at this class at the Brooklyn Zoo. For the more adventurous type, the parkour training facility also offers breakdancing, Capoiera, and how to be a Ninja Warrior. No pressure.

Capoiera @ Daya Yoga (SAT 4 p.m. $15)

360 Jefferson St., Bushwick

Daya Yoga

Daya Yoga hosts a number of yoga and non-yoga classes like Zumba and Capoiera (Brazilian martial arts). They offer a great intro class to Capoiera on Saturdays led by instructor Harrison Shultz, who’s been studying the practice since the age of 5, so you know you’re in good hands. And if this yoga studio wasn’t awesome enough, they hold 90s dance parties every Friday night at 7:30 p.m. Sign us up!

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