Although most of the world is paperless, there are still many occasions when a printer may be needed. Nowadays, printers are not necessarily household staples, particularly among younger people in the neighborhood, hence the need for public printing stations.

The good news is, many local establishments in and around Bushwick do have public printers. Most offer public printing through a nationwide service called PrintWithMe.

PrintWithMe is a self-serve, wireless printer station found in coffee shops, co-working spaces, apartment buildings and more. The printing stations are very simple to use and relatively cheap, with pricing operating on a sliding scale, depending on where you print and how many pages you print.

Price scale at Kave Espresso Bar

Set up & security

After creating a free account, the steps to print at any PrintWithMe location are quick and easy. 

1. Email the document that you wish to print to the printer’s designated email address. 

2. Open the auto-response email. 

3. Pay and print your documents.

Most importantly, all documents sent to PrintWithMe are encrypted. To further increase security, documents are deleted immediately after a print job is complete. Additionally, a “secure release” feature is available when printing sensitive documents.

Public printing locations in Bushwick

The following is a list of local businesses in the Bushwick area that claim to have access to public printing stations, which can be found on PrintWithMe’s interactive map

Ange Noir 

Kave Espresso Bar 


The Bushwick Diner

Caffeine Underground

Bushwick Public House 

Dunwell Doughnuts

Bushwick Grind

Til Death


Cafe Moca (Seneca Ave)

Cafe Pri

Checks & Balances

House Party Cafe & Lounge

It is important to note that each location may vary in price and the ability to fax, copy or scan. Most locations provide color and/or black and white printing options via laser-jet printers that use toner. It is recommended to use PDF files when printing for best results. The printers from PrintWithMe can handle many image formats, however they are not photo-quality printers. Multiple files can be attached to a single email and all documents will be printed when the order is completed. It is recommended to attach multiple files instead of creating multiple orders.

Most locations do not have computer terminals available for pulling up or editing documents. The system is meant for attached documents that can be forwarded from a phone or laptop, via email, to the printer. It is not recommended to print remotely and then pick up documents, as printers are unstaffed and not monitored consistently for print jobs coming through.

Public printing at the library

An alternative to using PrintWithMe is visiting your local Bushwick branch of the Brooklyn Public Library and using an active library card, e-card or guest pass to send the documents to the library printer remotely. It costs 10 cents per black and white page and 50 cents per color page. For full details, instructions and FAQs about how to print at the Brooklyn Public Library click here

If going to the Ridgewood branch of the Queens Public Library, a library card is needed to remotely print a maximum of 20 black and white pages per day. Two days will be needed for the printing request to be processed. For full details, instructions and FAQs about printing at the Ridgewood branch of the Queens Public Library click here

Featured Image from PrintWithMe website.

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