Photo via One Yoga Studio Pintrest

If you’re a bro loving or living in Bushwick, your options for fun and recreations are increasingly abundant in this neighborhood. Not only you can drink cheap booze and hit on girls here (yes, we’re looking at you, Pine Box, Little Whiskey and El Cortez) but you can now also take a yoga class designed to nurture your back achy from all that beer pong and buck hunter video games.

Green Fitness Studio at 232 Varet St, East Williamsburg is now offering a class called Yoga for Bros every Tuesday from 8 to 9PM taught by Jennifer Miller.

“I wanted yoga to appeal to men so that they can use it as another tool in other daily activities like boxing, running, sitting, sex and mainly breathing and moving around with more ease,” Jennifer told us.

Jennifer Miller who has been teaching yoga for eight years not only at Green Fitness Studio but also at Equinox or Crunch, told us that she created the class because she didn’t want men to feel excluded from the Green Fitness yoga community.

“There is a stigma about what yoga is, so I like to unpack that,” Jennifer says. “It isn’t just for a bunch of happy hippie granola eating, kombucha drinking thin women who used to be dancers and are now uber-flexible,” she says.

Jennifer says that in this class she teaches yoga postures with more attention to feet as a base starting from the ground up. “I have seen big strong men muscling their way through the poses. I focus on grace and balance and attention to detail in the alignment. Because you can work hard in yoga without losing your grace because you can lose your grace without practicing hard at all,” she says.

At the end of every class Jennifer asks her students if they know any dudes, bros or skaters who could benefit from yoga practice. She says that the students laugh but in the city about a third of her clients are men from all walks of life.

“Men are practicing more [yoga] and it is awesome,” Jennifer says.

Yoga for Bros at Green Fitness Studio, 232 Varet St, East Williamsburg, every Tuesday 8-9PM. Day pass is $15.