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Bushwick Collective Artists Participated in a Massive McDonald's Ad Campaign — Arts & Culture on Bushwick Daily

Bushwick Collective Artists Participated in a Massive McDonald's Ad Campaign

As part of the rollout of the "NY Supreme Bagel" at McDonald's locations in the Netherlands, the company tried to capture the city's "urban" flavor.

Magdalena Waz


McDonald's rolled out a gigantic advertising campaign pushing something called a "New York Bagel Supreme" in the Netherlands and used The Bushwick Collective to market it as an authentic New York product, Adweek recently reported.

The campaign includes murals painted by The Bushwick Collective's artists all over the Netherlands, as well as a four-minute-long documentary featuring the collective's founder Joseph Ficalora and assorted artists. In addition, the fast food chain commissioned a song called "New York Flavor" by Newark hip-hop group Artifacts and singer Denise Weeks, a subway performer who gained some notoriety through an X Factor performance.

Basically, it looks like the aim was to prove just how authentic the bagel supreme is by showing us where the "New York Flavor" comes from.

Photo of the New York Bagel Supreme courtesy of McDonald's Netherlands.

The sandwich is said to contain two beef patties, bacon, cheese, and coleslaw all on a real New York bagel. Sounds pretty much like what we eat every day over on this side of the Atlantic, right?

Interestingly, as of 12 p.m. today, all longer promotional material have been removed from the official YouTube channels, but here's the short promo video including a snippet of the song and a small peek at the "graffiti-inspired" graphics.

And then here's one more featuring B-roll from the now-missing documentary with more of the song:

We reached out to The Bushwick Collective's Joe Ficalora for comment but have yet to hear back. McDonald's has not issued any kind of statement regarding what prompted the removal of the promotional material.

Featured image courtesy of Adweek.

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