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Katarina Hybenova

Editorial director, founder, CEO


In 2010 she started a tiny lil blog called Bushwick Daily out of a pure desire to document in photographs and stories what and whom she encountered. She has never stopped doing just that. Born and raised in Slovakia, she has studied in Prague, Leuven and New York, traveled the world only to find home in Bushwick and Ridgewood.

Evan Haddad 

Managing editor


Jacqueline Medina

Food & local business editor


Digital Media Editor / Danny DeVito doppelgänger /Latinx writer with great eyebrows.

Regular community contributors

Gustavo Ponce



As a photographer, my objective is to capture mundane moments from a fresh perspective. Elliott Erwitt is my role model and I also draw a lot of inspiration from my local colleagues.

Brielle Schiavone

Writer, photographer


Writer and photographer who forever wishes she could see Zeppelin perform in all their glory. Time machine anyone?