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Most Strongly Rooted 2019 Finalist Voting Page

This spring, we’ve partnered up with mainstay bars in Brooklyn neighborhoods to nominate the "Most Strongly Rooted Tree of 2019." The winning tree will receive a $1,000 grant for a wellness check and remedial services. An additional $1,000 will go toward beautifying the block where the bar is located along with a Noble Oak-sponsored event to celebrate the bar's #stronglyrooted significance through the years in NYC’s ever-changing borough.

Read on if you want to learn more about the finalist trees, otherwise vote here!

Sponsor Bar: Le Fanfare

Neighborhood: Greenpoint

Location Details: NYC Street Tree Map ID: 597770

Nomination: “I’ve lived in this neighborhood for 8 years now, and I can’t tell you how much it’s changed. I walk my dog by this tree every morning and it always makes me sad when there is trash caught in the branches. The block is so pretty, but it’s in desperate need of a clean-up!” - Jolene Plunkett

Vote Here

Sponsor Bar: Pine Box Rock Shop

Neighborhood: Bushwick

Location Details: Red Shed Community Garden Willow Tree on west side of the garden, 266 Skillman Ave, Brooklyn, NY 11211

Nomination: “This tree is truly the foundation of the Red Shed community garden… it acts as a gathering place for community and garden members alike, providing shade and a beautiful green canopy...the Red Shed garden has been an official NYC parks garden for over 15 years. It stands as a true symbol of the garden and the block.” -Charlotte Bell

Vote Here

Sponsor Bar: Basik

Neighborhood: East Williamsburg

Location Details: NYC Street Tree Map ID: 590486 (Tree in front of Basik)

Nomination: “Basik is the textbook definition of a neighborhood bar without any of the pretentiousness associated with that title. It deserves greenery in a time where irony and smugness is rewarded, and genuine kindness and care is often kicked to the curb.” - Lloyd Pyes

Vote Here

Sponsor Bar: Forrest Point

Neighborhood: Bushwick

Location Details: NYC Street Tree Map ID: 1405540

Nomination: It is the center of my favorite restaurant and my favorite table. Eating underneath it in summer is always beautiful. Also I would like it to no only survive but thrive for many years to come. It’s a Bushwick staple and deserves to be adored. - Khadija Ahmed

Vote Here

Sponsor Bar: Pearl's Social and Billy Club

Neighborhood: Ridgewood

Location Details: This Oak tree is located at Bushwick Grows! Community Farm at 1474 Gates Ave

Nomination: “This is a gorgeous Oak Tree that is the centerpiece of our community farm [Bushwick Grows!]... Not only does the Oak provide shade, but when it sheds its leaves it also provides browns for our compost bins, and mulch for the plants and beds on the farm that is a favorite birthing place for worms. Ever read "The Giving Tree"? This is that kind of tree.” - Martha Ma

Vote Here

Sponsor Bar: Circa Brewing Co.

Neighborhood: Downtown Brooklyn

Location Details: Cherry tree in Sternberg park on Boerum Street.

Nomination: “It’s the beauty of spring in NYC!” -Marta Fernandes

Vote Here


Trees are critically important to the urban environment. They provide numerous health benefits, help clean the air and drinking water, offset heat islands (and therefore lower energy bills!), and combat climate change. We see urban trees as the perfect symbol to represent the longstanding roots, history, and character of our neighborhood institutions. This campaign provides an awesome opportunity to bring awareness to the importance of urban greenery, mobilize local communities around a great cause, and celebrate the bars and businesses that have made these Brooklyn neighborhoods what they are!