I don’t know how about you and your acid experience, but one time on that mountain cottage, a guy with a small, innocent looking paper appeared, and xxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxx xxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxx xxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxx.


Crazy story, right!?

Anyway. We are stealing the acid theme and the acid song from Small Black Door gallery which is having a Post Acid opening. Here are the best events in our beloved hallucinogenic township of Bushwick.


#1 Newtown Radio Party @ Shea Stadium (Saturday, 8pm-2am)

We have been praising Newtown Radio on and on. The fact is that we absolutely love this Internet radio station broadcasting from Bushwick. And yes, we can’s stop listening to it all the time. So hold it against us if you want, but since these guys launched their brand new awesome website, listening to the fresh new sounds from Brooklyn and beyond has never been better! To celebrate their re-birth, Newtown Radio is throwing a huge party at Shea Stadium! You can imagine that these guys would have the best bands in town playing, and it is absolutely true. Dirty Beaches, Windowspeak, Black Marble, Family Portrait, Cousins and MORE will play on Saturday night! The whole parade will cost you $15 (or $12 in advance).

#2  ‘Spring Break’ – Kickstarting Isha: A Tell-All Tale @ The Bogart Salon (Saturday, 6pm)

Indian soap opera about the art world based in Bushwick? Sure! Meenakshi Thirukode, in collaboration with The Bogart Salon, is gearing for the filming of a crazy meta-narrated story that has never been told! We interviewed Meenakshi who told us all the spicy details about Bollywood and more. We believe this project is really worth your attention, folks. On Saturday night, the crew will kickstart their Kickstarter campaign in a glamorous Bollywood style. They will have hindi music, make up artist, vintage clothing and jewlery – all in Indian style. Additionally, the exhibition of art created for the film by Stefano Ortega and Federico Massa will open at the same night. All your donations will go to support the kickstarter campain.

#3 Tattoo art @ Brooklyn Fire Proof (Saturday, 8pm)

Bear Skin is the name of the art show featuring tattoo artists: Rachel Hauer, Spencer Alexander, Adam Paterson, Jeremy Aquilino, Timmy Martineau and Bishop203. We simply love the idea of putting together an art show featuring tattoo artists! With tattoos and tough kids comes punk music, so the art show will feature also concerts of Big Shots Jett Brando, Wyldlife, Ritz Riot. $4 will get you in and includes free wine until 9pm!

#4 Sketchbook @ Sardine (Saturday, 6-10pm)

We’re listing ANOTHER awesome event for Saturday night. Yep, it might be a lot to handle but you gotta do what you gotta do, and rest when you’re retired or move to Williamsburg (*joke ya, Willy people*). Sardine is a cute Brooklyn-made accessory shop  and an art gallery on Standhope St. They have been closed for couple of months now, and we’ve missed them. So go feel like a sardine at Sardine (it’s a tiny space), and check out great art by local talent (Monica Cook, Rob de Oude, Sam Martineau, Gary Murphy, Alexandra Rubinstein, Robin Scheines, Adam Taye, Andrew Zarou).

#5 Post Acid @ Small Black Door (Friday, 6-9pm)

On Friday night, head over to Ridgewood, and look for small black door, because you will find some post acid art behind them. Following their epic mention in the NY Times, we are expecting the gallery to be awesome. As usual 😉  (Andrea Bergart, Thomas Burke, Lisa Candage, Myla Dal Besio, Rob de Oude, Adrian Jevicki, Matthew Mahler, Jenna Ransom, Adam Parker Smith and Aaron Williams).


Ehm, ehm, we also have a page where we list all the cool events in Bushwick/Ridgewood area. Check it out here.