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Lolo Lids Will Make Drinking Outdoors in Bushwick A Lot Easier

Drinking in the park or beach is nice and all, but (sadly) illegal

Photos courtesy of Jerry Mcarthur.

Drinking in the park or beach is nice and all, but (sadly) illegal.

That's why Vancouver native Jerry Mcarthur came up with the idea of a reusable coffee lid while taking a ferry in his hometown. "I wanted a beer for the trip, but had already acquired some drinking in public tickets, and didn’t want to bring a container from home; what was I going to do with it in the bar? The perfect thing about a Lolo lid is when you’re done with it, simply recycle your can and cup, and throw the lid in your pocket for next time."

Lolo Lids

The Lolo Lid is a plastic lid made to look like a Solo lid, but the difference is that you can snap a beer into the bottom. The lid then fits onto any to-go coffee cup and allows you to drink at ease undetected in the setting of your choice.  The lid makes it nicer to drink out of than a regular can and works great at keeping your beer cooler than it would it a regular beer koozie.

Lolo Lids

Lolo Lids fit almost all to-go cups including those from Starbucks and 7-Eleven. Lolo also features an ergonomically designed lid thats nicer to drink out than a can and the extra breather hole keeps it flowing fast and smooth. Mcarthur launches his Kickstarter campaign today with hopes of raising enough funds to reach his $20,000 goal.

According to their page, the Lolo Lid has proven its practicality. "After a full summer of festival, beach, and park testing we are finally ready to share Lolo Lids with the world."

Are you ready to Lolo?

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