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Top 10 Pieces of Trash Uncovered by Snow in Bushwick

Slavoj Zizek's trash talk:

Slavoj Zizek's trash talk:

Temperatures are rising, the snow is melting, and now...everything is coming up garbage. Like Vivian Yee from The New York Times, you probably took note of the empty bags of chips and yesterday's six-packs littering the sidewalk when you first stepped out earlier this week.

Seniors at Bushwick's Academy of Urban Planning are none too pleased. The Gotham Gazette reported that the class has criticized the City's cleanliness rating system, which paints Bushwick's streets as much cleaner than they actually are—especially compared to their Manhattan counterparts.

We did our own survey of the area. Here are our top 10 picks for the best (or worst?) pieces of trash uncovered in the snow:

#10 Christmas in March? Spotted on Wyckoff & Jefferson

All photos by Daniel Kessel for Bushwick Daily

#9 A nicely nestled can of PBR. Wilson & Gates

#8 Lost, forgotten or discarded homework. And Takis. Uncovered on Wilson & Stockholm

#7 Requisite condom. Wyckoff & Hancock

#6 Lost, forgotten or discarded dreams. Irving & Halsey

#5 Tigers and (more) Takis and plaid—on Knickerbocker & Willoughby

#4 A rapid river of trash. Wilson & Himrod

#3 Forlorn gummy bear. Wyckoff & Starr

#2 Completely unidentifiable. Knickerbocker & Troutman

#1 A baby llama and her Chiclets. Could be us, but you playin. On Knickerbocker & Putnam

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