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#BushwickDaily Insta-Takeover: From Pete O'Hare's Hidden Beauty to Collin Erickson's Eye from Bed-Stuy

We get it

Instagram Takeover - random objects - shoes on telephone wire - Pete O'Hare

We get it. Life in Bushwick can be a total rush, which means it's easy to miss the beautiful things hiding in plain sight. Guest photographer Pete O'Hare set out last week to use his #BushwickDaily Insta-Takeover to highlight said beauty and, of course, we loved what he captured. From shoes on telephone lines to happy street art to abandoned furniture - Pete paid some attention to the underrepresented random objects of Bushwick.

This week brings yet another talented guest photographer, Collin Erickson, to the helm of Bushwick Daily's Instagram page. Collin, a New Jersey native, could always see the city in the distance and knew it was where he wanted to be. He's not  a man of words, so he lets his artwork and photography do the talking. Collin's Insta-Takeover theme is "Longing for Bushwick: On the Bed-Stuy/Bushwick border." We can't wait to see it unfold! 

Scroll down for a few of Pete's random object portraits and make sure to check the full feed for the ones you missed, as well as Collin's unspoken journey.


Interested in participating in a #BushwickDaily Insta-takeover? Submit your email address and info here!

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