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BangON!'s Time & Space Party Was Bangin' [Photos + Video]

All photos by Matt DiLantro for Bushwick Daily.

A few NYE parties may have been shut down by law enforcement last week, but one rager that kept going till the wee hours of the morning was BangOn!'s Time & Space NYE party. Thousands of people braved the frigid temperatures, climbed across a walking bridge over a railroad, and waited in long lines to get their groove on. Signs posted outside the warehouse indicated that undercover cops would be patrolling the party, but we didn't see any arrests going down.

The celebration took place in a 60,000 square foot warehouse that, despite the number of bodies, never quite warmed up to comfortable temperatures. Two rooms each held a main stage that showcased electronic acts, crazy lighting, and internal organ-shaking bass. Burning Man art cars were strewn about the space, along with vendors and booze corrals.

Midnight brought what BangOn! advertised as a "rocket launch" - the sides of a rocket hanging high above the crowd were pulled back to reveal two scantily clad dancers in a cage. The women gyrated inside the frame of the rocket for several minutes until forgotten. It was pretty much like the lady in the egg at last year's BangOn! NYE party.

More impressive, however, was the aerial performers, who simultaneously climbed up the fabric, turning and flipping gracefully. And don't even get us started on the fire breathers, who took turns lighting the air up in flames. When the two men joined forces, the flames shot up and licked the ceiling of the warehouse. It was incredible.

At the end of the day (or night!), we're just really glad that BangOn! kept such an organized party running all night. Here's to 2014!

The crime spot...

Some people arrived on a school bus...

This is how it looked like inside of the school bus...

Before the craziness begun...

And in the middle of insanity...

Here is to beautiful people!

And here's to DJs!



Here's to beer & food!

Here is to New Year's kisses....

Until the sun goes up again...

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Also find more photos from Bang! ON on Google + that's where the fun is! 

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