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We're In Love with Thursday's Old Timey Jazz Nights at Amancay's Diner

We know time machines don't exist yet

All photos by Karin Oleander.

We know time machines don't exist yet. But even if they did, you wouldn't need one to hear authentic Prohibition-era jazz because Amancay’s Diner (2 Knickerbocker Ave, East Williamsburg) hosts a night of old-timey jazz by Sweet Megg and the Wayfarers every Thursday.

What you'll find? An ever-changing cast of extremely talented local musicians wailing on Prohibition-era jazz like they're in a 1920s speakeasy and don't even care if they get busted. It also turns into a bit of a dance party when the swing dancers show up. (You might even get lucky and get a celebrity appearance like Orange is the New Black’s Lea DeLaria.)

It happens like this: Sweet Megg and the Wayfarers start out entertaining Amancay’s with their usual repertoire. Sweet Megg does that thing where she sings like Ella Fitzgerald and scats all impressive-like. Then other musicians trickle in and they swap out and add instruments and vocalists when the moment feels right. At times it might be as small as a four-piece or as big as an eight-piece band. And they don't really stop until they damn well please. It is a 24-hour diner after all.

Said the bartender, “It goes pretty late. Sometimes ‘till two in the morning. [Or in the case of when I was there, four in the morning.] And it’s different people every time. One girl plays the washboard. I don’t know who’ll show up tonight.”

The washboard. We have an honest-to-god washboard player in our Bushwick midst.

The jam is modeled after the Tuesday jam session at Mona’s bar in Manhattan. It’s uber-popular. (Among those in the scene anyway.) So Sweet Megg and her band brought a more convenient (and less crowded) version to Bushwick. And I’d have to say it was a good idea.

So if you play jazz, bring your instruments; if you like jazz, bring yourselves; or if you just like drinking, hey, this is a pretty good place do it in. See you Thursday.

Sweet Megg and the Wayfarers host a jazz jam at Amancay's Diner, 2 Knickerbocker Ave, every Thursday at 10 pm.

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