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#BUSHWICKSTYLE: This Week Ya'll Got in Close



(photo via @mashapotatos)

So as you may know by now, each week I peruse the #Bushwick hashtag on Instagram, and post the best of what you were wearing around the hood. If you want your photo to be featured, be sure to tag me @chixonthehud, or better yet hashtag your photo #BUSHWICKSTYLE so I can see it.

This week, I"ll be messaging people on Instagram who are our favorite #BUSHWICKSTYLE hashtaggers, inviting them to participate in a photoshoot. So if you want your photo taken for Bushwick Daily, be sure to post some last minute pics on Instagram and hashtag them #BUSHWICKSTYLE.

Now, to let's talk about this week's photos real quick. There were a lot of close up of people's faces on the #Bushwick hashtag, and what beautiful faces they are! A lot of style is in the details. See what people have been rocking.

Submitted to #BUSHWICKSTYLE, Vintage tee's for #SBSW via @fauresrathbone.


Proof the best way to look good is to feel good. Also proof that you can look good while you're making yourself feel good too. Via @brasilia_b.


Another beautiful close up of flawless eyeliner, hair and lipstick. via @jennyscoma


Now that's an impressive haircut. Submitted to #BUSHWICKSTYLE from @juanchis_s_bs.


All black everything. No cameras, please. via @decidedesign.


Stunning. via @mamagicmama


What a portrait! Who knew fencing could look so good? Via @rutraphoto.


American summers can happen any time of year if your loft is sunny enough. Submitted to #BUSHWICKSTYLE from @witchoria.


Loved the piercings, nails, sunglasses. Everything is on point here. via @modify_b.


These dudes got some nice lookin' coats. via @cobraclubbk


@mikeycan has a sneek-peak of new Vans, just to get you excited for spring.


@yazzros taking more beautiful pics out on the streets and submitting to #BUSHWICKSTYLE.


Whenever I see a fabulous purple lipstick, I have to include it in this column. via @her_as_me.


Eye and lip liner, totes not a thing of the 90's. via @wormcarnevale.


All prepared for da snow. via @animalempirevet.


Doesn't really look like this was shot in Bushwick, but it had the #BUSHWICKSTYLE hashtag and it's a hot pic, so I included it. Via @shawnengler.


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