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#BUSHWICKSTYLE: Your Instagramed Fashion of the Week

As we all know, Bushwick has some awesome street style

photo from instagram.com/therealbkpoppa

As we all know, Bushwick has some awesome street style. Seriously, you guys know what’s up when it comes to looking good. To celebrate this, each week I’ll be perusing the #Bushwick hashtag on Instagram, and posting the best of what you were wearing. If you want your photo to be featured, be sure to tag me @chixonthehud, or better yet hashtag #BUSHWICKSTYLE.

This leopard getup is actually my top pick of anything I've seen anywhere this week. The commenters agree. Photo via @kingmixbreed421

These earrings came from @jazzabelssboutique. I'm all about that chain feature. 

Thrifted Dries Van Noten coats are the best coats tho. via @chessandthesphinx

dries van noten trench coat. bushwick.style.

I LOVE this Boy London Sweater. via @kayrian

America baby! via @mykl3000

A fresh haircut is always in style. OBVI. via @thesteppingrazor

Backpacks. All da rage. via @lightsnsoundgo 

You can expect a flick of some kicks in every single one of these posts. via @kustmkickz



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