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Urban Outfitters or Jimmy Jazz?? Conway Is the Right-Way for Your Summer Wardrobe

I've been needing some new threads this summer for beach-going and to keep stylish in this heat

All photos by Hope Cardenas and edited by Cat Agonis. During this shot, Hope said "Oh, she's pulling out all the stops alright."

I've been needing some new threads this summer for beach-going and to keep stylish in this heat. I hopped down Broadway and was stoked to see a Conway where clothes are less than $16.99 always and forever. Sadly, Conway was closed and, once I thought about it, I wasn't going anywhere else to shop for the heat. Summer's already a month deep and let's get real - money's always on the mind in this city. So I rolled over to Bushwick's neighboring-hood, Middle Village, which has the closest open Conway to get my style for less.

So in this 3rd edition of "Urban Outfitters or Jimmy Jazz??" Hope Cardenas and I hit the streets for the photos. In case you don't know Hope, she's the enchantress behind those gluten-free and vegan muffins at Kave. And I say enchantress because she's somehow managed to make vegan AND gluten free taste ridiculously delicious together, which is just straight alchemy as far as I'm concerned. So we giggled and had fun while snapping some shots around Morgan Ave. Check out what to buy this season.

In the first photo you'll spot me wearing a black top that can be layered. You can do so over some sort of white cami to make it okay for you to wear to work, over your bathing suit so you can get some pretty creative tan lines at the beach. $12.99

During this Hope said "You're ridiculous."

Do you sometimes feel the need to be in a Ralph Lauren ad? No??? Me neither. But sometimes I do like getting a little nautical all up in good ol' Brooklyn and nothing speaks ships quite like stripes. So even if you're not on a yacht, who cares? There's always the backyard at Bushwick Country Club, even though it's technically not in Bushwick. But we don't believe in Boundaries, so do it! $8.99

Here a couple of dudes walked by were all "We Love New York!" and Hope was all "We do too, dude!"

It seems the high-low skirts and dresses are here to stay, ladies. So you might as well stock up. At least if you decide it's silly years down the line, you can always just cut off the remaining flap and turn it into a mini-skirt. Or you can store it, and pass it along to your niece or daughter and they can be all, "Check out this cool vintage skirt my ma had! I stole it from her closet." I like this flower print version. $14.99

During this, Hope was all "What a ham."

As always, gals and guys alike need sunglasses to make it out of the house when the rays are beating down on us. These Ray Ban-knockoff-shindigs were only $3.99, which makes them perfect for when I drop them, or wear them into the ocean by accident, only for them to be washed away at sea. $3.99

Hope said "You're just pulling out all the stops today, aren't you?" She was legitimately making me laugh the whole time.

So camo is a thing this summer. I mean, camo should always be a thing because it's an awesome print. If you agree grab this top, because no matter the season, a shirt this sick should be worn until the buttons fall off. Also, you gotta love the way the greens complement a classic brick wall. That's what Bushwick's all about! $12.99

Here Hope was like "Put one leg over the other, now lift up the dress a little. Oh--she's bringin' it all together!!"

Lastly I gotta bring up the maxi dress. Where would summer leave us without it? In sticky denim jeans and hard to sit in mini-skirts?? I can't do that everyday. Every now and then it's nice to throw on a maxi for the ultimate comfort and style without the effort. This dress comes in all the colors of the rainbow, so if pink isn't your thing, no worries. Plenty to choose from. $12.99


66-26 Metropolitan Avenue

Middle Village, NY 11379


**There's also one on the corner of Broadway and Ellery Street, but it wasn't open on a random Saturday afternoon and I can't find info about it online so I'm not sure if it's open.

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