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Ana Lola Roman at XPO 929



Gritty nitty Bushwick, DIY, semi-legal, semi-dirty venue underneath the loud JMZ tracks... If you're going to  XPO929, make sure to put some colorful plugs or even better toilet paper in your ears... Some things are just true classy, Bushwick... 

XPO929 remembers a lot of epic concerts and parties. One of them for sure will be this Friday's Tom Tom Magazine Party featuring P.L.A.I.D.E.D., Wojcik, Werewitch, MASS, but most importantly Bushwick's own henna pop diva, musician Ana Lola Roman.  Ana Lola who has been living in Bushwick for a couple of years now, has been back and forth between Berlin, Spain and other galaxies, likely. Ana Lola is a multi-instrumentalist whose music can be compared to a cocktail of awakening energy synth pop, atmospheric groves with a touch of Far East, Berlin's Kreuzberg topped with mysteriously unsettling vocals... Performance is a strong element of Ana Lola Roman experience. She will be on the stage on Friday 15 minutes before midnight, so don't be late. $8 will get you in and provide for a lot of fun...

Ana Lola Roman has been collaborating with Bushwick Daily profiling interesting Bushwick residents she meets on her journey.

Before you go, pay an homage to XPO929 and all the involved people, and read this epic feature in Bullet Magazine.

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