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"Me The Banker" Is Bushwick Daily's Poem of the Month — Editor's Pick on Bushwick Daily

"Me The Banker" Is Bushwick Daily's Poem of the Month

Here's our April installment of "Bushwick Bohemia Beat Poetry."

Here's our April installment of "Bushwick Bohemia Beat Poetry" curated by Bushwick-born poet, Emanuel Xavier. The series features poems by local Bushwick residents and/or natives. This month's poem comes from Laramie Flick.

Me The Banker

I am a dead vampire

Sucking the black flames

Out of collapsed veins.

I cannot write my own words

Or paint images I day dreamed

Or sing songs I heard first

Or think my own thoughts

Or have feelings that bubble

Out of true chemical despair,

Existential and philosophical.

I just scavenge the debris

Left by true apostles of the muses.

I can act an artist for the locals

Who suspect but don’t accuse me

Of banker origins and originality.

Laramie Flick is a writer who lives in Bushwick

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Cover image courtesy of Freddie Collins

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