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Here's How Bushwick Spent the Snow Day — Community on Bushwick Daily

Here's How Bushwick Spent the Snow Day

Check out these wintry pics of the first spring day.

Evan Haddad


It was an unexpected first day of spring yesterday. Here's how Bushwick spent it.

 Wishin' this was spewing cold water on a hot day.

A post shared by Phil Buehler (@pwbuehler) on

 It's never too cold or snowy for a photo opportunity.

A post shared by Léonie Dishaw (@leoniedishaw) on

 This snowman is missing a couple of carrot sticks.

A post shared by cursed_ten (@cursed_ten) on

 A flamingo got lost — or maybe it's just someone's emotional support animal.

A post shared by Linny (@linypotato) on

 Those boughs look awfully heavy. Let's find out how fast Verizon Fios really is when one snaps and the internet goes out. 

A post shared by Andy Huang (@yingchehuang) on

 "Man, those pants aren't too short...they're too long!" — ancient fashion advice.

 Are snow days the safest time for riding bikes?

A post shared by Jessica Kuo (@findjkuo) on

 Now you don't even have to pretend to pick up that dog poop. 

A post shared by Benji (@brooklynbenji) on

 Because you still need Chinese food.

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Cover image courtesy of Phil Buehler

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