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The Most-Bushwick Promotion Ever: Use Alleycat Exterminating and Get a Free Copy of Bushwick Nightz

The holidays are here

The holidays are here. And that means with the cold winter chill, critters like to find shelter in our homes. It also means that you're prrroooobably spending all your cashflow on gifts, which can make reasoning to fund an exterminator hard. That's why Bushwick's favorite exterminator, Alleycat Exterminating is taking care of you this season. In the most Bushwick-promotion ever, the next 20 Bushwick customers to use this service to eradicate any extra "roommates" will receive a free copy of Bushwick Nightz!

Bushwick Nightz is Bushwick Daily's first collection of short stories. Within this fast, fun, read you'll find yourself on a roller coaster of emotions from the perspectives of 10 writers who very well could be your neighbors. So the next time Mickey decides to shack up within your walls, don't be blue, and definitely don't try and handle the problem yourself. Call a professional! More specifically, call Alleycat Exterminating to come sort your life out and save your money by spending the rest of your day reading your new book.

Alleycat Exterminating is located on 66 Whipple Street, Brooklyn NY,  and they can be reached at their office 718-837-1953, via text 917-224-7514, or by e-mail nypestpro@aol.com

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