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Call in L-Trained: The L Was Delayed Two Mornings in a Row

Bushwick residents relying on the L train to get them places have been again disappointed this morning

via @ewyorkcity instagram

Bushwick residents relying on the L train to get them places have been again disappointed this morning. Some of you reported delays during this morning's rush hour lasting as long as 30 minutes in both directions.

"Apparently the delay was caused by a train at the Halsey stop so all Manhattan bound trains were delayed," emailed us our contributor Briana Seftel who experienced delays when trying to get be on time at her day job this morning. Twitter users reported that it was the second day in row of the L train delays. Way to start a week, MTA!

According to the website Subway Stats the service to Manhattan is currently good but the service between Myrtle-Wyckoff Avs and Rockaway Pkwy runs only every 12 minutes. So brace yourself for some additional delays. 

And remember, inhale, exhale, MTA is not worth your anger. (Also we hope you have an understanding boss--can you call in L-train-ed?)

Two banner days for the @MTA and the #Ltrain. Can we make it three? Find out tomorrow!

— Jeff DeMars (@jldemars) December 2, 2015

Horrible commute two days in a row???? A little rain and the #Ltrain stops working. @Mta @NYCTSubway #fail #badservice — Gabbycs (@_gabbycs_) December 2, 2015

More often than not, the #Ltrain is massively delayed during the morning commute @MTA

— Nicholas Young (@NTYoung) December 2, 2015

#Ltrain has delays. #MTA https://t.co/NA9Jl98NIL — Subway Status Delays (@SubwayStats) December 2, 2015

via @urbanpathfinder.nyc instagram

via @">theprintuplist" instagram

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