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The Best of Summer: Bushwick Instagram

Bushwick Daily is doing a round up of all of the best things that the sweaty, raining, raunchy, stinky and still sweet summer of '12 had to offer

Bushwick Daily is doing a round up of all of the best things that the sweaty, raining, raunchy, stinky and still sweet summer of '12 had to offer. I thought long and hard about what's been best this summer. Photography has dominated our homepage, but more interesting is seeing what all of YOU have been capturing out there in Bushwick this summer on your Instagram. I searched using


, a great Instagram photo viewer, by tag


 and found almost 22,000 images. Most recently, there are over 200 instagram images tagged Bushwick each DAY. Holy moly, that's a lot of content to sort through. Skylines, graffiti, tattoos, food and drinks, streetlife, and beautiful faces dominate the feed.

Have you seen our instagram by the way? You should definitely FOLLOW us (@bushwickdaily) for shots of art, food, music, kittens, street art and of course, incredibly attractive people.

That said, here is the BEST OF SUMMER (well, mostly August): Bushwick Instagram.

Best Rooftop Shot:

by: ngoziassata

 Best Torential Rain Shot:

by: Scarletterie

Best Bike Shot:

by: bellumvale

Best Skyline Shot:

BY: hommecooked 

 Best Streetsign Shot:

by: Kimberthug

Sexiest Shot:

by: lalulubella

Best Roberta's Food Shot:

(*note- this is from Robeta's garden dinner menu! WHOA!*)

by: EDC138


Best Sky Shot:

by: instantcoffee

Best Umbrella Shot:

by: aliweds

Most Random Graffiti Shot:

by: gerryvisco

Best Pool Party Shot:

by: tannerwalle


by: stephys77

Best Beverage Shot:

(A Laura Palmer from Cafe Ghia!)

by: mathewleutwyler

Best Garden Shot:


Best Self Portrait:

(that's Nyssa of The Living Gallery!)

by: the_living_gallery

Best Block Party Pic:

by: michaelfauver

Best Graveyard Shot:

by: trippingdaises

Best Dessert Shot:

(OMG yum, a vegan donut? Any clue where this is from?)

by: _mich_mich_

Best Train Shot:

by: d2k1323

Best Railroad Shot:

by: lalulubella

Best Bathroom Shot:

by: mikemascia


(truly hilarious)

by: makeurmark

 Best Group Shot:

by: fatfreehotpockets

And, lastly, let's go out on a high... each of these graffitis I have actually never seen.


by: mikeshanephoto

by: landon78er

also by: landon78er

by: coolrakski

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