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How Was Mushroom Universe

By Katarina Hybenova

By Katarina Hybenova


…. simply awesome! The art opening and the 90s dance party was crafted in the kitchen of BushwickGallery.com, our artsy lil’ sister, and brought to life thanks to our dear friends 950 Hart Gallery.  Last Friday night has proved once again that the power of creative collaboration is amazing.

To sum it up, BushwickGallery.com is the 1st Bushwick gallery based purely in the virtual space. Its mission is to endorse emerging artists of the area, and to bring art closer to young people using the power of the Internet. In monthly (usually small group shows), is BushwickGallery.com focusing on discovering the talent! The L Magazine named BushwicGallery.com 1 of the Top 5 New Galleries in Brooklyn of 2011!

However, every online art show begins with an offline opening, every time at a different Bushwick art space.

Mushroom Universe is an art show, which explores the spotty memories, bringing forward the perceptions, images, shapes and colors of the lavish decade of the 1990 in the works of Andrea Bergart, Matthew Mahler and Ken Kocses. For the offline opening Bushwick Gallery teamed up with 950 Hart Gallery, which are a great chill art space located in a duplex loft complex off Dekalb stop (L train). These guys have been around since 2010, and Mushroom Universe was their 20th art show. We can’t thank them enough for the relaxed vibe and great atmosphere of their home they shared with us… Oh, and the dance party was amazing. About 150 people showed up and a bunch of them joined us for absolutely rad dance party in the 1990s style after 10pm. Apropos, the dance party was insanely good. DJ Jojo Soul was spinning and spinning hard. You are probably imagining amazing, so we now need you to close your eyes and multiply this feeling by 1000. Yes, now you're close to how amazing he was.  You will definitely hear more of this guy on Bushwick Daily soon.

The art was fresh! Energetic colors, geometric patterns, collages, pixels, Super Mario Mushroom, all was there.... Andrea Bergart with her geometry 90s styled oil paintings was a great bridge between totally insane Ken Kocses and geometry clean Matthew Mahler. For those of you who missed it, and would like to see the physical art, we have some good news. The show will be hanging at 950 Hart Gallery until the end of this week. If you want to see it, email us, and we can make it happen every day after 6pm. If you want to enjoy the art, but you can’t close your laptop and leave (we can understand these moments), just go to BushwickGallery.com and browse endlessly!!
















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